Recommended Videos

The below YouTube sensations have incredible educational and informational videos on various topics. Highly recommended by Akronos Mago. If you have never watched a video about Primitive Technology before… it will amaze you.

Name Specialty Channel Contact More
Tom McElroy Wild Survival YouTube unknown Website
Off Grid with Doug and Stacy Off Grid living YouTube Facebook   |   Twitter
Living Traditions Homestead Homestead Life YouTube unknown Blog
My Little Homestead Homestead Building YouTube unknown Website   |   Patreon
Daisy Creek Farms with Jag Singh Great gardening tips! YouTube  
Stoney Ridge Farmer Farm life and humor YouTube Instagram   |   Facebook
Survival Ready Tips on chicks, fishing, everything YouTube unknown  
Disaster Prepper EMP specialist, survivalist, prepper YouTube unknown by author Arthur T. Bradley
Primitive Technology as named YouTube Blog   |   Patreon
Primitive Technology Idea similar to above YouTube unknown Facebook
King of Random metalurgy, ropes, much more YouTube Shop
Jehu Garcia Batteries YouTube Kit Sales   |   Patreon
Duet Justus Solar panels YouTube Facebook
Will Prowse DIY Solar, RV, etc. YouTube Website   |   Book on Mobile Solar Power
American Safety EMT first aid YouTube n/a Website
Natural Cures natural ways to prevent, treat and heal ailments YouTube Website
WebMD first aid / health YouTube n/a Website

Other Resources

Name Specialty Website
ThetaStream quantify and verify that your mind can affect reality as the name says…
Arkonos on Blog on the Esoteric
Blog Articles

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